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Communication & New Media


Specialists in:

  • Services for the Educational, Industrial & Corporate Sectors:

  • I am highly passionate about training in the areas of Entrepreneurship, Presentation, Interview and Group Discussion Skills as well as Research Related Activities.

    I have not kept a record or count of the number of students that I have trained in the engineering educational sector, nor of the executives & non-executives from the industrial and corporate sectors; however, collectively, this number is far in excess of 3,000.

    Some of the well known clients have been NIT - Rourkela and 12 to 15 other engineering colleges of Orissa as well as ROURKELA STEEL PLANT, NTPC, NSPCL, BSNL, VODAFONE, DURGAPUR STEEL PLANT etc.

  • Products:

  • We are also highly skilled in constructing Websites, both static and dynamic, that are rich in features and have high aesthetic appeal. The scripting languages used are CSS, PHP, JOOMLA, Word Press, ASP.NET, JAVA and other relevant ones. We can also integrate features of E-commerce like Shopping Cart and Payment Gateways.
  • Through very intense and group focussed programming we develop Software Products as per specifications and /or needs of various clients.
  • We excel in Graphic Designing and Contemporary Art that is unmatched and truly World Class; we use these for making water resistant laminated prints on synthetic sheets that are firmly framed with torsion and bend resistant composite fibre with wood finish. These Digitally Painted Wall Hangings adorn some of the most elegant, exquisite and exotic interiors of hotels, houses, hospitals and clinics, offices, guest houses, transit homes, restaurants, bars, clubs, schools, colleges, banquet halls, convention theatres, seminar rooms, training centres, shops & malls etc.

The company started operations on the 15th of August 1997 and is now in its 19th year.

If you have any queries, kindly contact:
Sunil Malik
Phone: (+91)-(97555-45366)

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